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Music Ministry Opportunities



Saturday - 5:30 pm
Sunday - 8:30am


Adult Choir
Our main choir which rehearses once per week and sings each weekend rotating through the Masses.  This ensemble also provides the music for special liturgies and Holy Days throughout the year.  We select and sing music in a variety of styles but whose focus is on the Gospel for a particular day.  We welcome those singers who are sixteen and older.

Singers who may or may not be a part of our adult choir, but feel comfortable leading the congregation as a minister of music.  These singers will be scheduled for Masses based on their preferred frequency and availability.  They will be expected to rehearse either with the choir or an accompanist the week in which they are scheduled to sing.

Youth Choir
A great service opportunity for youth in our parish from fifth through tenth grade.  This ensemble will begin in the spring with a weekly practice and singing every other week.

Funeral Choir
This choir is comprised of those who minister to the bereaved at funerals as needed.  We do not have regular practices, but rather meet the day of the funeral for a brief rehearsal before the service.  This is a very special ministry especially for those families who are grieving.

Other Music Opportunies

Handbell Choir
Currently Under Construction - please contact Justin Krueger if you are interested.

We welcome any person in the parish who would like to participate as an instrumentalist with whichever instrument they play.  A successful audition is required in addition to following an instrumental policy.

Other Ministries

Presented on an as needed basis as formation to our musicians to help them more effectively minister to the parishioners of St. Marys

An opportunity for our musicians to reflect on their own personal ministry through a variety of topics

Social Events
Opportunities for musicians to get together to share in fellowship and build a sense of community.